01Real-time monitoring of environmental data

Collect environmental data 24/7 and everywhere with our Micro-weather Sensors
  • Easy to install Block assembly method, weather resistance, and solar power supply Support NB-IoT, 3G/4G, LoRa, WiFi
  • Fully control the situation Atmosphere: temperature, humidity, CO2, illuminance, quantum Soil: temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity Water: temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, salinity (Contact us for more available sensors)
  • Exclusive weather forecast Accurate weather forecast data from WeatherRisk Explore Inc. Enhance risk management capability
  • Data monitoring and alerting Present data of real-time monitoring Provide environmental condition alert

02Professional standardized production management

Import agricultural knowledge and inherit precise experience
  • Accurate farm work execution Create standardized calendars for cultivations and accumulated temperature Complete cultivation arrangement with one-click Prescribe pest control and fertilizer usage
  • Coordination of production and sales Plan cultivation work in advance Arrange production schedule Grade harvested crops
  • Digital end-to-end traceability Manage farming materials and machinery Record inspection and testing, ensure a safe harvest Combine with seedling management to complete multi-cultivation management

03Efficient field management with Mobile App

Control the cropland situation anywhere at anytime
  • Visualization management Record farm field with photo and video Visualize croplands on map showing location and guidance
  • Your mobile secretary Check environmental data and weather forecast on hand Give environmental risk alert for yout to prepare earlier Check in with GPS and track staff’s work on croplands Create farm work to-do list and assign to farmers easily
  • High mobility Inspect environmental indicators anytime with a portable sensor Print harvest labels qith a portable bluetooth printer

04Analysis and application of AI data

Develop data models with value-added information
  • Establish knowledge base for cropland management Handle crop cycle while recording agronomic characters Establish accumulated temperature model to predict the best harvest time
  • Digitized inheritance of agricultural knowledge Accumulate data continuously, retrospect experiences at any time Support decision-making with long-term data analysis

05Analysis of enterprise management

Easy to manage farmlands on a large scale
  • Monitor equipment and supply inventory Record stock in and out information Track the usage of production material
  • Caculate production cost Material: fertilizer, pesticides, etc. Labor: working hours for harvesting or other work Expenses: other cost, such as inspection fee, land levelling expense, etc.
  • Analyze production indicators Assess yield productivity per unit of land Evaluate contract farmers' performance


Reduce costs and enhace risk management capability

Expand management scale with mobilization and standardization

Increase benefits & control information for better yield

Preserve farm work records & inherit management experience

Create reliable & traceable credit for customers.


  • Mobile App available both on Android & iOS
  • GPS locating and weather forecast per hour
  • Add sensors or data from weather stations
  • Standard feature package
    1. Standardized calendars for cultivations & accumulated temperature
    2. Land, cultivation and seedling management
    3. Material usage and inventory management
    4. Accumulated temperature model & crop cycle prediction
    5. Cost calculation & production indicator analysis
Enterprise Version
  • Account management for enterprise use
  • System customization for specific requirement
  • Exclusive consulting and system import service
  • Government grant application consultant service (Taiwan only)
Personal Version
  • Limited account management
  • Online real-time consultation